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Een manier om thuis te komen - Umoja Live

Documentary, 2007, 111 min.

The album Umoja is the eleventh by the popular Dutch band BLOF. The music documentary Een manier om thuis te komen (A Way to Come Home) reveals how this remarkable CD came about. At the beginning of the film, the four band members explain what their intentions were: 'Make another record, one we had not made yet, beyond the Dutch borders.' This resulted in a musical world tour in which they called on numerous countries and recorded songs with well-known, local musicians. With the Japanese percussion group Kodo, they did Aanzoek zonder ringen (Proposal Without Rings); in Turkey, Omar Faruk Tekbilek played with them on Mens (Man).
The spectacular live shows in the Nieuwe Luxor Theater in Rotterdam fill a substantial part of this dazzling film. Between the live scenes, the foreign musicians explain why they loved to collaborate with the Dutch band. The members of BLOFgrant a glimpse into the creative process. The outlandish musical influences were integrated into their own style. It was their intention, as it were, to 'BLOF' their way into them.





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