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Wild Romance

Feature film, 2006, 103 min.

Not the musician and artist Herman Brood (Daniël Boissevain), but his manager for life Koos van Dijk (Marcel Hensema) is the key figure in the music film that director Jean van de Velde made about Holland's most famous rock'n'roll junkie and his band Wild Romance. From Van Dijk's perspective, the conception and success of Brood & band in the mid-seventies is depicted, paying attention to the hit songs (performed at now famous gigs), the quarrels, romances, band changes and the American tour. The events are truthfully reproduced, as is the everlasting bond between the musician and his manager. Gradually, the picture emerges of a musician who no longer dared to go on stage without drugs. The film ends with real-life footage of the funeral of Herman Brood, who in the summer of 2001 jumped off the roof of the Amsterdam Hilton at the age of 54.

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  • NL - Rembrandt Award







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