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Feature film, 2008, 85 min.

Lying is Youssef's second nature and Rick, manager of an agency dealing in alibis, instantly recognises this gift. Using the most cunning tricks and a huge arsenal of clothes and accessories, Rick and his associates enable adulterers and other sly dogs to do whatever they please, undisturbed. It all seems one big game and Youssef feels like a fish in water. Until he falls in love with waitress Andrea, who hates liars. When he also has to help Rick in his adultery, it becomes too personal for him and things get out of hand. After a fierce fight between him and his boss, the two are arrested. This is where this romantic comedy, set against sunny Amsterdam, begins. Youssef describes everything that preceded during his interrogation. Director Johan Nijenhuis has chosen an unreliable narrator. And even though the police officers that listen to Youssef's story do not believe the first thing about it, they cling to every word.

won prizes

  • NL - NFF Golden Film (100,000 visitors feature film)

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