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Short documentary, 1999, 58 min.

When the Georgian director Tato Kotetishvili came to Holland soon after his wedding in 1988, Georgia was torn apart by two civil wars and turned into a ruin. In the personal documentary Nostalgia Tato returns in the spring of 1997 to the devastated city of Tbilisi. There he wants to make a film in which we meet everyone who attended his wedding. Video shots of that wedding, old photos and emotional encounters with friends, acquaintances and neighbours, show that the unity they once shared has gone; some have died, others left and others have changed completely and have alienated from him. His youth is no more than nostalgia and Tato now feels like a stranger in his own land. Just a few days after Tato returned to Holland to complete his film, he died. His partner and colleague Ineke Smits completed the documentary.






Cinematographer - DoP


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