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Het zuiden

Feature film, 2004, 88 min.

Psychological drama in which Monic Hendrickx plays the self-assured Martje, who runs a thriving laundrette. The predominantly immigrant women working there worship their boss. When Martje falls in love with the new driver Loe (Frank Lammers), a great personal sorrow appears to lie hidden behind this seemingly strong woman's facade. Since one of her breasts was amputated, Martje wears a prosthesis, which makes relationships and motherhood delicate subjects for her. When Loe reacts awkwardly when they are cuddling and Martje cries on an employee's shoulder, the staff draw their conclusion and lock the man up in the boiler room. Martje does not intervene and gets caught up in lies ever further until she completely loses her sense of reality. A chain reaction of catastrophic events ensues. The style of the film is based on Lars von Trier's Dogma doctrine: as much natural light and sound as possible, handheld cameras and no tricks.

won prizes

  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf






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