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Quidam Quidam

Lang Televisie Drama, 2000, 100 min.

Eight-part science-fiction-like drama series offers a critical view on topical social developments. It is the year 2020. Holland is a fully privatised and regulated welfare state. The leading character is the fiftien-year-old Quidam, a boy who is sentenced to death and on the day of the execution looks back on his eventful life. The film festival screens two episodes. In episode 1, Een Kaïnsteken, Quidam recounts how his father, a politician, meets his Colombian mother, that the downfall of the welfare state is imminent and the Dutch Databank is established. This registration system also indicates whether an embryo contains a criminal gene, as is the case with Quidam. Episode 5 Zapdossier is a flashback to Quidam's life in a home for criminal youngsters and shows how the introduction of the Zapdossier causes severe problems for his mother.




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