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Feature film, 2007, 112 min.

The second feature film by Albert ter Heerdt, who previously directed the box-office hit Shouf shouf habibi!, again highlights the multicultural society, but this time with a more serious tone than its comic predecessor. In fact, 'All stories are based on true facts', the start credits tell us. The story centres on the shooting by a Dutch police officer of a young burglar of Moroccan descent: Was this a fatal or a racist 'accident'? The incident links various narrative lines, thereby raising the question whether the integration is making progress or not. The film looks at the issue not only from the Moroccan, but also from the Dutch side. Does the Caucasian establishment actually know any members of ethnic minorities? The script is packed with nice anecdotes and witty one-liners. The film contains a strong, radical rap song, as well as an integrated Moroccan with Idols ambitions, who sings Boudewijn de Groot songs. The film shows various samples of thoughtless discrimination and in passing provides an ironic reflection on immigrant films.

won prizes

  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf






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