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Zwart water - Two Eyes Staring

Feature film, 2010, 112 min.

Psychological thriller about a Dutch family that moves to Belgium when mother Christine inherits her parental home. She does not want to move, but father Paul is eager to make a fresh start and they take the step. But their nine-year-old daughter Lisa can't settle in at her new school and grows lonely.
In the basement of the house, Lisa discovers a girl that only she can see. The girl claims to be the late twin sister Karen of Lisa's mother and whispers all sorts of things in Lisa's ear. Christine denies ever having had a twin sister, but when Paul goes and inquires, it turns out Christine's past is full of dark mysteries.
Zwart water plays a game with semblance and reality. Is Karen just as unreal as Lisa's imaginary friend, or does she really exist? Every time a new fact emerges, it is negated by a family member's story. Or vice versa. Against the background of the desolate country estate, the family's decline inexorably sets in.

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