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De eetclub - The Dinner Club

Feature film, 2010, 90 min.

Karen and her family relocate from a big city to a posh residential area. There, the slightly naïve translator soon manages to tap a new circle of snobbish friends. They only seem to spend their days indulging in sumptuous hobbies like culinary feasts, where both the wine and their husbands are on their lips. Karin has an extramarital affair with the unrivalled alpha male of the bunch. This is not the only indication that beneath the thin veneer of the jet set a world of misery lies hidden. Is Karen paranoid when she suspects a sinister murder conspiracy in a fatal fire and suicide? The narrative element that nothing is what it seems is right up director Robert Jan Westdijk's street. In the conventional thriller with a star-studded cast, the photography and a Basic Instinct-like soundtrack dish up an ominous dressing. Based on Saskia Noort's bestseller, with a radically different ending.

won prizes

  • NL - NFF Golden Film (100,000 visitors feature film)

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