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Dennis P.

Feature film, 2007, 90 min.

Romanticised reconstruction of the true story of Dennis P., the man behind the biggest diamond robbery in Dutch history. Dennis (Edo Brunner) still lives with his parents and works at a diamond wholesaler's. He falls in love with pole dancer Tiffany (Nadja Hüpscher). To impress her, he wants to give her expensive presents and treat her to luxurious trips. He starts stealing diamonds. Tiffany happily accepts her rich worshipper's attentions. His love is so strong he even wants to realise her dream: a horse ranch in Mexico. His scheme to steal millions worth of diamonds in one go is equally simple, ingenious and effective: he takes them from the premises in a packaging box for a microwave. Next, they move to Mexico, where he gradually finds out that the feelings he has for his muse are not mutual.


  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf (3)






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