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L.A. Raeven - De verbeelding voorbij

Documentary, 2010, 75 min.

The Limburg twin sisters Liesbeth and Angelique Raeven: two minds with a single artistic thought. As the artists duo L.A. Raeven, they reaped both international appreciation and due indignation, because their installations, in which they explore the beauty ideal in their own ways and with their own bodies, are quite controversial. The identical twins use their eating disorder as a starting point for what they once called 'aesthetic terrorism'. Lisa Broerstra?s documentary demonstrates that the two sisters have had a complex relationship with food since puberty, but also that cracks are appearing in their symbiotic relationship. They can?t function separately, but the continuous mutual presence at the same time smothers the individual. ?With twins, one is always subservient and the other dominant.? But what if one decides to flout that rule? Candid portrait, in which old home movies and footage of previous exhibitions complement the intimate scenes.






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