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Snuf de hond in oorlogstijd - Sniff the Dog in Wartime

Feature film, 2008, 100 min.

During the German bombing of Rotterdam in World War II, Tom's parents are killed. Via an orphanage he ends up in the Frisian country, on the Vredehoeve farm of uncle Tjerk and aunt Jeltje. Tom has a tough time finding his niche in these rural surroundings. He wants to fight and take revenge and he feels his uncle is too passive towards the German occupiers. Uncle Tjerk, in his turn, is worried that Tom will do some crazy thing and jeopardise the other villagers. For a mate, Tom is given a dog, the clever German shepherd Snuf. The Jewish girl Mirjam Weisman has gone into hiding at the neighbours. Together, they get closely involved in the war and eventually help the Canadians liberate the village. Filmed against the background of the panoramic Frisian polder landscape.
Based on the successful series by Frisian author Piet Prins (pen name of P. Jongeling, 1909-1985). He has more than fifty youth books to his name, nine of which deal with Snuf the dog. The Frisian singer Syb wrote the title song.

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