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Kleine Teun

Feature film, 1998, 95 min.

Black comedy about three people who become involved in an impossible situation. Brand (Alex van Warmerdam) and Keet (Annet Malherbe) live on a farm. During the day, Keet works in town and in the evening she reads out loud the TV subtitles to her husband, because Brand is illiterate. It gets too much for Keet and she wants her husband to attend a course. The arrival of the private tutor Lena makes life pretty complicated. Lena and Brand fall in love and Keet stimulates this to have her own desire for children fulfilled. That is asking for trouble.
Kleine Teun (Little Tony) is a film version of Van Warmerdam's own play. He directed the film, composed the music, painted the pictures for the opening credits and plays the lead.

won prizes

  • EU - European Film Award nomination


  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf

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