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Ernst, Bobbie en de geslepen Onix

Feature film, 2007, 66 min.

Ernst en Bobbie en de geslepen Onix is the first film of Ernst Bobbie en de Rest, the popular children's series with songs that was broadcast from 1998 on Kindernet, Fox Kids and Jetix respectively. Ernst is the wise half of the duo, wearing solemn spectacles and a neat blue jacket. His boisterous friend Bobbie is invariably dressed in a yellow coat and a crazy cap. In this family film, the two pals encounter a problem: the wicked businessman Wolter Onix wants to build an asphalt factory on the place of a beautiful forest. The two guys decide to organise a concert to save the woods. Every child in the Netherlands hopes they will succeed, but Onix, sly as he is, anticipates them. He promises he will not construct the factory if their concert will meet three strict requirements. But these are so strict that Ernst and Bobbie fear their plan will fall through. Fortunately, the two receive help from the clever journalist Suzy, with whom Ernst is secretly infatuated.

won prizes

  • NL - NFF Golden Film (100,000 visitors feature film)





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