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Single play, 2014, 71 min.

(Rhubarb) Twelve-year-old Winnie and Siem get to know each other when Siem’s father Rik and Winnie's mother Tosca fall in love and start living together. During the wedding preparations, Rik and Tosca are constantly at odds with each other, and soon the brand-new couple is only bickering and quarrelling. To prevent them from breaking up, the children decide to make an instruction video for them with relational tips. But in this romantic and hilarious family film, it is especially Winnie and Siem who gradually grow closer.

won prizes

  • US - Emmy Award





Line producer

Cinematographer - DoP


Casting director

Production designer

Cast (5)

Sound designer

Sound mixer

Sound editor

Location scout

Foley artist 

Location sound recordist

Sound re-recording mixer 

Assistant costume designer

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