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Feature film, 2005, 90 min.

Psychological thriller, largely shot in the south of France, about three young girls, Chantal, Roos and Joy, who steal a beautiful vintage convertible to be able to compete in the annual talent scouting for super models in Nice. Halfway during their trip, it turns out that Joy knew all along that they are carrying an unconscious victim in the trunk, the student Tim. It is Joy's secret plan to involve Roos and Chantal in the assassination of Tim, so they will remain friends forever. Roos and Chantal are furious, but realise that they have no choice if they do not want to go to jail. During the second half of the journey, friendship grows between Joy and Tim, so that Joy wants to abandon her murder plan. But then she discovers that there is no way back, because Chantal is determined to go through with the killing.






Cinematographer - DoP


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