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Verhaal van verlangen

Short documentary, 2001, 36 min.

Lech is a Polish worker in the Dutch construction industry. As he works here illegally, it was impossible to put him in front of the camera. This led filmmaker Carin Goeijers to the idea to travel to Lech's fatherland and film the story of his family that stayed behind. Their lives revolve around Lech; this makes the absentee the focal point of the original documentary Verhaal van verlangen. Lech's family is living in the cheerless village of Sawin, where unemployment rates are high. Most of the time, people are watching television. They are hoping for better times. Lech is doing his best: he has put up a large, Western-looking house in the backyard, but it is far from finished. His wife, yearning for Lech's return, is worried about the lack of money for completing the house.






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