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Ondertussen in Nederland - Hoger dan de Kuip

Short documentary, 2008, 50 min.

'Everybody has a right to his own religion and place of worship, but this goes too far', a Feyenoord fan thinks, who moved to the south side of the city for love of his team. 'We have only one temple by the Meuse, and that is De Kuip.'
This Feyenoord soccer temple will soon meet with competition, because at a stone's throw the largest mosque of Europe is under construction. Not everyone is happy with it. Customers at the ladies' hairdresser's discuss the erection of the mosque extensively. Some feel strongly about it, others treat it light-heartedly. In the street, local politicians distribute leaflets that make a stand against the islamisation of Holland. Muslim immigrants, on the other hand, look forward to the completion of the mosque.
Hoger dan De Kuip presents a profile of the inhabitants of a Rotterdam working-class district, where many different cultures live next to each other, without having any real contact. Humour is not lacking, though. An elderly woman is not afraid of the inevitable rise of Islam: 'I'll just put on a headscarf, too. That will save me a trip to the hairdresser's.'





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