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Toen was ik al beroemd

Short documentary, 2010, 40 min.

Joop Korzelius used to be a celebrated jazz drummer, who earned tons and had girls queuing for him. His most successful band was the Flamingo Quintet, but he also played with Wim Sonneveld. Today, this 84-year-old man has been living for years in what he jokingly calls the Leger des Hels. While we see a content Joop sitting and smoking among the outcasts, in the voice-over he tells about his performance at the Royal Palace, when prince Bernhard played along a tune. The contrast between his life then and now can barely be bigger. Just like the difference between him and the residents of the retirement home where he can get a room. They really behave like old people, while he wants to wash down his hangover with an 'eye opener', the day's first beer. They don't make an issue of that at the Salvation Army. So no matter how much his sister dislikes him being there, for the time being he will stay in his stuffy room.





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