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Niet bij brood alleen

Short documentary, 1999, 42 min.

A documentary about the Nassaukerk in Amsterdam's Staatsliedenbuurt, that in recent years has become a kind of centre for the homeless, many of them drug addicts. The dilemma facing the church is that it does not only want to focus on the socially handicapped like the Pauluskerk in Rotterdam but neither does it want to remain a traditional congregation. The film sketches a picture of the Nassaukerk as it was and shall be, and follows four people who are involved with the church. In interviews, the minister Jannet van der Spek (34), the heroin addict Doede (48), the Indonesian Harry and verger Feri Bos talk about their lives, how they made certain choices and what they think is so important about the Nassaukerk.





Cinematographer - DoP


Location sound recordist

Production company