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Banking the Unbanked

Short documentary, 2009, 56 min.

'People here need a place where they can save their money and where they can obtain a small capital to expand their enterprises.' The hope and idealism resounding in the words of the Gambian banker Ismaela Faal are rather hard to swallow in the face of the current Western cynicism about banking. His boss Baboucarr Khan is even more resolute: 'We want to change the lives of the Gambians.' Khan is one of the founders of the microfinancing bank Reliance, who were followed for six months for this documentary. The film shows the reality of the 'universal remedy' microfinancing, the new economic infrastructure that should fight poverty in Third World countries. The general unfamiliarity with the banking phenomenon, however, not only creates a growth market for Reliance and his many competitors, but also entails all sorts of problems: from clients who misapprehend the system to a lack of competent staff.




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