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Verdronken land

Short documentary, 2001, 50 min.

The Belgian village of Doel is in danger. It has to vanish into the silt of the Westerschelde River to make way for a new dockyard for the port of Antwerp. It is not the first time that a village disappears into the Schelde. In 1570, four villages of the Land van Saeftinge were submerged as a result of the Allerheiligen flood. For centuries, the houses and people have been lying under the alluvium. Due to the ebb and flow, remains from this ancient time regularly rise to the surface. Doel is up against the same fate. In Verdronken land, the amateur archaeologist, the shepherd, the parish priest and the former forester explain how it used to be, what the remains tell us and about the broken resistance against the ruin of Doel.






Cinematographer - DoP


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