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Necrocam. De dood online

Series, 2001, 50 min.

The TV film Necrocam. De dood online is set in the Internet subculture. Four adolescents have a computer club together. They surf, play video games, go to digiparties and communicate by computer. When one of them dies, the others do their best to fulfil his last wish: having a webcam in his coffin as a monument, which registers the decomposition live on the Internet, and enabling the site visitor to speed up or slow down the process with a temperature regulator. With the so-called necrocam, the threesome expects to get thousands of hits a day and see themselves make money without any efforts. But when the unwilling parents, horrified by the morbid idea, oppose them, their plan yet seems to be impracticable.





Line producer

Cinematographer - DoP


Production designer

Cast (10)

Sound mixer

Location sound recordist

TV - broadcast production company

Sales agent