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El Toro

Short Film, 1996, 15 min.

Family film about two brothers who lay a wager. When Sander kicks the ball into the neighbours garden and he does not dare to go and get it back because of two dangerous looking dogs, his brother Erik calls him a milksop. When they have high words, Sander bets that Eric does not have te guts to run away from home. Sander accepts the bet. Disguised like his hero El Toro next morning he leaves his parental home. In the bus he fantasises happily about the consequences of his deed but, when he has to carry on his journey by foot his fantasy changes into a nightmare. Because he doesn't want to return as a coward he calls his parents and tells them they only can pick op their son if they pay the ransom of fl. 100,-. Sander not only wins the bet but also regains his self-respect.






Cinematographer - DoP



Sound editor

Location sound recordist

TV - broadcast production company