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One Night Stand - Verdwaald

Series, 2004, 39 min.

The night before her wedding, a woman has a one-night stand with her ex. She does not want to, but apparently she has to, she thinks. The next day, she confesses it to her future husband during the car ride to the church. It was important for her to do it, because now she has concluded a period in her life, she tells him. To her great surprise, her confession does not go down very well. The crowd at the church is waiting while the bride and groom are quarrelling amid the meadows. Is the bride really positive that she wants to marry this man? And is he really positive that he wants to marry her? He puts her out of the car and drives off. Next, a period starts of mutual anger and regret. He starts looking for her; she can think of nothing better than to walk to her ex again. The latter is promptly left by his girlfriend, too, because of the one-night stand. A film about a one-night stand at the most unexpected moment.





Line producer


Cinematographer - DoP


Production designer

Cast (5)

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