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Tom & Thomas

Feature film, 2002, 111 min.

After Lange leve de koningin (Long Live the Queen), Esmé Lammers wrote and directed a thrilling, boys' book-like film. Tom & Thomas is an English spoken youth film with an international cast, set in wintry London. The leading character is nine-year-old good Thomas, who is lovingly raised by his foster father. He has a vivid fantasy about his impudent chum Tom, who is his spitting image and is reared in an austere and mysterious children's home. When Tom gets flogged, Thomas is also visibly affected. The people in Thomas' environment don't know what to make of his strange behaviour and his school grades gradually deteriorate. One day, Thomas' fantasy becomes reality when he runs into Tom in the space museum. Together, they have a big adventure, during which they exchange homes, their identical looks are explained and, above all, they unmask a large criminal organisation.







Cinematographer - DoP


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