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Oesters van Nam Kee

Feature film, 2002, 110 min.

Feature film based on Kees van Beijnum's novel of the same name about the destruction of a boys' dream. Using a lot of colour and movement and a fast rhythm, the film offers a glance into the world of a boy who meets the love of his life, and loses her again. Leading character is the 18-year-old Amsterdam gymnasium pupil Berry (Egbert-Jan Weeber). He passes the time by hanging around bored with his petty criminal friends. He has already turned his back on school. On the day he meets Thera (Katja Schuurman), a nightclub dancer, his life changes completely. Together, they have a wonderful time, with a lot of sex, oysters, coke and booze. Thera even gives up her work for Berry, who hardly sees his friends anymore. But according to Thera good things should not last for too long, and the dream woman disappears from Berry's life. He is unable to cope with this unanswered love and commits an act of despair. Awarded a Golden Film.

won prizes

  • NL - NFF Golden Film (100,000 visitors feature film)






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