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Mus - De kerstkalkoen

Series, 1994, 30 min.

Comic seven-part TV series about the vicissitudes of a single woman who occupies a shabby appartment in western Amsterdam with two growing sons. Based upon the books of M. Mus (pen name of Selma Vrooland). Single mother Meg is on the breadline. She tries to make ends meet every month on a minimal budget. In her existence on the poverty line, Meg is regularly confronted with prejudice, misplaced sympathy and fussy officialdom. Armed with a sharp sense of humor, inventiveness and perseverance, she manages to avoid losing sight of the good things of life. In the first episode from the series De kerstkalkoen (Christmas Turkey) Meg confronts an expensive Christmas turkey, a broken vacuum cleaner and the charity of a narrow-minded couple.






Cinematographer - DoP


Production designer

Cast (5)

Location sound recordist

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