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Feature film, 2008, 90 min.

Fifteen years after making a film about Africa, the successful but deeply cynical director of commercials Frank Meutstege is honoured in, sure enough, Africa. He hates the continent that he consistently calls 'Mafrica' and tries to get away from it as soon as possible - also because his future bride is waiting for him on a safer continent. But things work out differently. A fifteen-year-old African girl claims to be Frank's daughter. She begs him to follow her to her mother's hut, where he shot the film years ago. He grudgingly follows her on a dangerous journey across the country. Frank is robbed of his things ('Strengthening bias here, mate!'), but also gets acquainted with his potential daughter and a warmer side of himself.
In this road movie, the eternal cynic is won over by the Africans he initially despised. He scatters around prejudice so unsparingly that it becomes hilarious. The gorgeous scenery and cheerful African music contribute to this spiteful character's lessons of life.





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