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Het verhaal van mijn naam. Een Armeense geschiedenis

Short documentary, 2006, 51 min.

The teachers of his school are asked to pronounce the name of their headmaster Alexander Peltekian and to name its origins. Many do not know. Where does the name Peltekian come from and where did the headmaster who was bred in Holland get it? Gradually, the 49-year-old Peltekian unfolds his life story, how he was born as the son of a Dutch mother and French resistance hero, grew up in the Netherlands with a stepfather and only at a later age started looking for his real father. This eventually takes him to Lebanon and the south of Turkey, where he visits the estates of his Armenian grandparents: 'Peltekian is more than a French name; it is an Armenian identity.' Thus, not only the personal history of the Peltekians from Dörtyol is told, but the Armenian genocide from World War I is also addressed and how it, especially in Turkey, still remains taboo.





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