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Feature film, 2007, 80 min.

After their father's demise, the brothers Menno and Tom come together in the parental home to arrange the funeral and inheritance. The good-natured Menno has brought his wife along, an old flame of Tom's. The more dominant Tom introduces his new girlfriend. This is the first time he is serious about a woman, he says.
While their father lies in state in his bedroom, the tensions between the four quickly mount. All decisions that have to be taken cause a dispute. Mistrust and old sores predominate. When the atmosphere in the sombre and oppressive house gets almost unbearable, the four are forced to make some confessions.
Linoleum quietly takes its time to make the characters circle around each other. The repressed jealousy and rivalry between the brothers and their women, the agony about the past and the grief for father's death are well conveyed by the subdued performance of the actors. A striking element in this process is that so much is not said.





Cinematographer - DoP



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