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Alle tijd

Feature film, 2011, 95 min.

Maarten (forty-something) teaches at a music school. After their parents' demise, twenty years ago, Maarten raised his much younger sister Molly (26). He is faced with the empty nest syndrome when Molly announces she wants to leave the house and live with her boyfriend Teun. Maarten can't find his feet. His chance meeting with Arthur changes everything and for the first time Maarten falls in love, but Arthur doesn't really fancy men.
Molly has quite different problems. Teun is not as perfect as she would want. Molly and Maarten try hard not to meddle in each other's lives. But Maarten doesn't like Teun at all and Molly feels Maarten should give Arthur more room. This loving battle is fought while Maarten's best friend Reina watches it all from the sideline and has her own thoughts about things. When Molly finds out Teun has an affair, she seeks diversion with veterinarian Melvin.
The comedy plays with the expectations around love, relationships and sexual inclination and gets a tragic twist when fate strikes and Molly is diagnosed with a serious illness.


  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf

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