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De nieuwe Lola's - De vanger

Series, 2002, 40 min.

Episode from Lolamoviola, a series of TV dramas made by rising talented filmmakers. De vanger is based on the novel by Manon Uphoff, who also wrote the scenario. The story tells about a young woman, the sister of five brothers, who after her father's demise inherits the parental home. Under the condition that she has the house redecorated and does not dispose of the extensive collection of family snapshots. She hires a handyman and falls in love with him. When the man constructs a canopy bed, it is clear he will stay. From a distance, with an observing camera, hardly any dialogue and nameless characters, the film follows the unusual relationship with the day-to-day rituals of attraction and rejection. Bit by bit, it becomes clear that the house harbours a mysterious past, of which the woman does not retain good memories. The birth of a child brings some happiness, but eventually leads to a tragic occurrence.





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