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Feature film, 2006, 108 min.

Melissa is very fond of dancing and takes classical ballet lessons. At least, that is what her parents think. As soon as she arrives at the school, she takes hip hop dancing lessons. Jordi is in Melissa's class. He has known her from primary school and has a soft spot for her. When Melissa gets a chance to appear in a famous rapper's music video, Jordi is also wildly enthusiastic. But to hide her insecurity and dance better, she secretly takes pills, in increasing numbers.
Afblijven (XTC Just Don't Do It) shows common adolescent problems in a modern setting. The film deals with the world of youngsters today. Featuring modern dance and music, drug issues, romance and friendship, familiar characters and a captivating role by former Idols runner-up Jim. Afblijven is the first adaptation of a book by children's book writer Carry Slee.

won prizes

  • NL - NFF Golden Film (100,000 visitors feature film)






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