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Short documentary, 2003, 51 min.

A poetry slam is a verbal contest before an audience with knockout rounds and a winner. Content and performance are equally important. The rapid growth of this phenomenon started in the Amsterdam café Festina Lente. From the very first poetry slam, director Wilko Bello followed the three slammers Sven Ariaans, Eus Kuipers and Erik Jan Harmens from Amsterdam and the rousing talent Sieger Geertsema from Groningen for four years. Geertsema has been nominated for the C. Buddingh Award for Best Poetry Debut with his volume of verse Straatvluchter.
The four pub poets slam in bars and pop temples all over the Netherlands. They are engaged in verbal wrestling, rapping and sparring. Their life consists of scores and rounds, awards and disappointments, but also of tension, inebriety, mutual friendship and full houses dancing to poetry.





Cinematographer - DoP


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