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De Veroordeling - The Judgement

Feature film, 2021, 128 min.

Release date September 2, 2021 (Netherlands).
'The Judgement' is about distorting the facts, trial by media and how fake news can suddenly be regarded as truth', says producer Joram Willink in the press release. The film follows the perspective of Haan, which is played by Fedja van Huêt.

The Deventer murder case is one of the longest running and most controversial Dutch criminal cases and revolves around the murder of the widow Jacqueline Wittenberg in 1999.

Ernst Louwes, the tax adviser of Wittenberg, has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for this. Meanwhile he has served his sentence, but with his lawyer Geert-Jan Knoops he has always remained committed to show his innocence.

In 2005 they received support from Maurice de Hond. The pollster launched a publicity campaign to show that not Louwes, but Michaël de Jong, the handyman of Wittenberg, is the perpetrator. (source Volkskrant)

won prizes

  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf (4)

other prizes

  • US - Seattle International Film Festival (6)

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