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De Takh - terug naar Mongolië

Documentary, 2001, 68 min.

Many people have heard about the Przewalski horse, but only a few know about the bitter history of this noble animal. Since the Ice Age, this primal horse galloped across the northern steppe. The Mongolians called it the Takh and allowed this 'soft-yellow animal with the short manes' to live in peace. This changed when the Russian general Nikolai Przewalski `discovered' the horse in the late nineteenth century. After this discovery, the Takh died out in the wild in less than a century. The well-documented film by Micaela van Rijckevorsel reconstructs where things went wrong in exile and shows how the horse is now returning to his motherland Mongolia by cargo plane. Once more, the Takhi gallop across the vast grasslands where they belong, contributing to the recovery of the Mongolian cultural identity.





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