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De Hofpleingroep - Macbeth aan de Maas

Short documentary, 2005, 54 min.

'Two groups are performing the same dance now', Ana sums up. 'Doesn't make any sense.' Her father's dance group fell apart during the civil war, because one half was in favour of Yugoslavia and the other of Croatia. Shortly after, the family moved to Rotterdam.
In the Rotterdam-based Hofplein Group, the different backgrounds of the seventy kids are no cause for schisms. Four hundred years ago, Shakespeare wrote the play Macbeth, which Verdi made into an opera in 1847. This fluent documentary presents a profile of the group of actors who are rehearsing for Macbeth. Stage excerpts are alternated by interviews.
They all have their personal motives to participate. Most of them recognise something in the play: a girl that nearly had a fatal accident, a boy with mutilated hands, an Iranian refugee with directing ambitions, a Lonsdale girl who wants nothing to do with the slogan 'own people first', and two boys who were beaten up by a group of immigrants. In this melting pot, they all flourish.




Cinematographer - DoP


Sound designer

Production company