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Dunya & Desie - Handlezen

Series, 2003, 25 min.

Episode from second series (of thirteen episodes) about the day-to-day worries of Dunya and Desie, the two now (almost) sixteen-year-old adolescent bosom friends from Amsterdam-North. Moroccan Dunya lives with her parents and brother, Dutch cheeky Desie with her divorced, bleached hair and tight legging wearing type of mother. Against all school and house rules, the girls always have to know better. Dunya has the role of narrator. Her voice-over tells the spectator what keeps the girls busy.
In Handlezen (Handreading) Dunya and Desie are facing their exams. Desie doesn't bother, she expects to flunk her exams. Dunya proposes to see a Moroccan palmist who makes one nice and one not so nice prediction for the future. Desie's mother Monique gets an unexpected surprise. She's not sure whether to be pleased or not.





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