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, 2003, 91 min.

The thriller Zinloos is an instalment of the new series of six Telefilms. Heedful of the starting points of the telefilm genre, Zinloos touches on many topical social themes. In a flashback, the film follows the life of Martin Hogeveen (Peter Blok). He leads a life that leaves nothing to be desired: a luxurious apartment, a beautiful young girlfriend and a successful job as an independent municipal policy advisor, whose secondary task it is to combat fraud. His investigations are amply rewarded when he brings to light an extensive building industry fraud. As a result of his report, the director of the local authority is fired and Hogeveen takes over his post. In the meantime, Martin is stalked in his private life by an impetuous student who even harasses his girlfriend. Martin gets entangled in a situation involving murder and blackmail, and eventually makes an unexpected discovery. Zinloos is based on René Appel's novel Zinloos geweld.







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