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Kind & Kleur - Het Monsterlijk Toilet

Short Film, 2006, 10 min.

English Title: The Monstrous Toilet

The story is about Ester, a nine-year-old girl, who has to conquer her fear of unfamiliar surroundings. Together with her father she moves into a new neighborhood where she is being ignored by the other children living there. One day when her father has to work, he tells her to go and play at Ms. Richmond's. Outside the children from the neighborhood warn Ester for Ms. Richmond. The story goes that Ms. Richmond used to have lots of children, but that they were all eaten by her toilet. A bit disturbed, Ester visits Ms. Richmond. During her visit she learns that Ms. Richmond and her toilet are quite different from what she imagined them to be. With this visit she conquers her fear, gains her confidence, and earns respect from the children in the neighborhood.

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