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Duinzicht boven

Series, 1999, 59 min.

Duinzicht Boven is one of the buildings in a psychiatric clinic. The inhabitants of this mansion are old and confused, but live independently. They all have their own customs, fears and compulsive habits, and above all, everyone at Duinzicht Boven have their own place, tasks and duties. The film follows Teun, Aaf, Alie, Truus, Herman and others about their everyday activities. Herman looks after the fridge, Teun decides the rules and Aaf is afraid. The arrival of a new female inhabitant disrupts the fragile balance: against the wishes of the others, she wants to reorganise all kinds of things around the house. This disruption brings unrest to the inhabitants and leads to dramatic events. Could the group of nursing staff have prevented the consequences?





Cinematographer - DoP


Production designer

Cast (8)

Sound editor

Location sound recordist