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Hoe overleef ik mezelf? - How To Survive Myself

Feature film, 2008, 100 min.

You are thirteen years old, everyone is stupid and you are a fatso. To boot, you are forced to move from Brabant to Groningen with your mother, stepfather and baby half-brother, where you completely fail to join in with your new classmates. How do you survive this? Especially since your alter egoes also hamper you: the devil inside urges you to dye your hair a flashy red and to spray graffiti on the school windows at night, the angel inside nags at you because you should not slim so fanatically. Your bosom friend occasionally appears as a TV host in musical-like visions to give advice you did not ask for. In short, everybody knows best, but you, the adolescent, know one thing for sure: you are all alone in this world and nobody cares about you. This moving theme has been made into an appealing youth film in a playful and colourful way, incorporating humour and numerous visual, graphical jokes. Based on Francine Oomen's best-selling books.

won prizes

  • NL - NFF Golden Film (100,000 visitors feature film)
  • RU - Saint Petersburg Festival of Festivals

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