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Lang Televisie Drama, 2001, 90 min.

TV film about the 17-year-old fatherless Koen, who lives with his mother in a small house by the river. Koen is a lone wolf; he tinkers a bit at his canoe or lies on a bridge, thinking about life. For all he knows, he was fathered during a loveless affair in Norway, after which his mother never heard anything anymore from his father. During one of his meditations in the graveyard, he meets the anarchist, hyperactive Colet. Reluctantly, they become friends. From a letter from his father that Koen finds one day at his grandmother's, the truth about his father's absence turns out to be quite different. At the instance of Colet, Koen wants to find his father before his eighteenth birthday. A confronting search follows across ice-cold Norway, during which Colet reveals her true face and Koen's meeting with his father leads to a dramatic dénouement.






Cinematographer - DoP


Production designer

Cast (5)

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