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Ik schilder, ik schrijf, ik schilder

Short documentary, 2010, 52 min.

Jan Cremer (1940) was a rebel already at a young age, but could never have surmised that after publishing his hit novel I, Jan Cremer in 1964 he would become a living legend: reviled and laurelled. His explicit work was labelled an attack on 'common decency', but brought him world fame: 'I'm my personal advertising agency', Cremer states. People still talk a lot about his brazen picaresque novel, while meanwhile he has produced countless other literary and journalistic publications and is an ambitious artist to boot. One of the places Scholten visits him is in his studio in Umbria, where he puts his heart and soul into his colourful, assiduous paintings. Meanwhile, the artist talks about his life, sources of inspiration and his days in places like Paris and the United States. Scholten regularly incorporates archive footage, private pictures and Cremer's art works, as if they were colourful collages. He blends images, uses split screen and chose a soundtrack that fits the life and work of the flamboyant Cremer.





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