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The Making of the Revolution

Short documentary, 2001, 52 min.

Directors Katarina Rejger and Eric van den Broek filmed behind the scenes of the Serbian youth movement Otpor! (Resistance!) in the agitated weeks preceding the downfall of Milosevic' regime. The non-violent Otpor! activists were used to keeping their activities and preparations secret. Many members had been arrested and assaulted more than once; the secret service constantly kept an eye on them. Still, Rejger and Van den Broek, aided by a simple digital camera, managed to largely capture the Otpor! stratagems. Furthermore, it becomes clear that the organisation, maintaining they did not have a leader, was led extremely strictly with the aid of mobile phones and laptops. As it turned out, Otpor! played a major role in the uprising by a million people, which forced Milosevic to admit his electoral defeat.




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