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Zijn verloren land

Short documentary, 2009, 52 min.

In 1958, six-year-old Frits Sahertian witnessed a terrible shooting incident in the Moluccan camp in Westkapelle where he lived. Riots erupted and six (unarmed) Moluccans were shot by the Dutch police. This event would affect the rest of his life. He became a militant supporter of the RMS and filled his life with a violent struggle for independence of the Moluccas. He spent years in jail for various acts of violence. After fifty years, Frits wants to find out what happened in Westkapelle.
Zijn verloren land introduces inhabitants of Westkapelle and the man who was mayor in the late fifties. This leads to a remarkable confrontation with Sahertian in the former camp. Even after fifty years, the former mayor trivialises the incident. He claims there was only one casualty. 'He had nothing. Okay, he had lost an eye.'





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