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Ave Maria - van dienstmaagd des Heren tot Koningin ...

Documentary, 2006, 70 min.

In this documentary, director Nouchka van Brakel examines the roots of the veneration of the Virgin Mary, which 'probably goes deeper than Christianity', the voice-over says in the introduction. What is myth and what reality? For whom does the Virgin Mary have a special significance? Whom do twenty million pilgrims annually revere in India? And are the characteristics of the Greek goddess Artemis not strikingly similar to those of the Virgin Mary? In Holland, Spain, Poland and Turkey, a bishop, a Mary worshipper, a soldier and a moslim theologian tell about their perception and knowledge of the Virgin Mary, mother of God, but also the woman of all nations, black Madonna and patroness of fishermen. A few miracles in Holland are examined. In Spain, the Virgin Mary is ritually crowned as the queen of heaven. The Polish soldier explains why he wanted to become a soldier. And according to the oral tradition, after her son's death, the Virgin Mary settled in Turkey, on the Nightingale Mountain just south of Ephesus.







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