take this production


Feature film, 2011, 86 min.

Eva studies veterinary medicine and does auditions. She finds a cheap apartment, the previous occupant of which has disappeared mysteriously. A stroke of luck, although the janitor is rather rancid. To celebrate her move, she goes out for a drink with her best friend. They meet the attractive downstairs neighbour, a surgeon in training, who invites them for a nightcap. The next morning, Eva wakes up in a stuffy basement, chained to a bed. A man with a gas mask brings her food and keeps an eye on her with a camera.
The introverted Eva, who is unable to hurt an animal and fails auditions as a scream queen, gets entangled in a cat-and-mouse game with a ruthless scoundrel. The reason of her captivity remains a mystery - even when she identifies her kidnapper - and every next-to-successful escape leads to more victims.
Brute mental and physical violence and eventually agonisingly prolonged and gory killings take turns, until gradually the pieces from the first scene fit together.






Cinematographer - DoP


Production designer

Cast (8)

Sound designer

Sound editor

Location sound recordist

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Post-production visual effects