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Bollywood Hero

Feature film, 2009, 85 min.

Mumbai, previously Bombay - the cab driver does not have to explain to Dutch actor Nick that the world's most productive film industry is based here. Nick plays a small part in a nostalgic Bollywood musical, dressed in a colonial costume. His attitude outside the film set has some colonial traits, too, albeit with the best intentions. Like a modern Christ figure, he wants to sacrifice himself in order to expose a few unpalatable social abuses, from child labour to arranged marriages.
Incited by the big begging eyes of a mysterious street girl, Nick undergoes a metamorphosis and intends to improve her miserable situation. Another motive is the problematic relationship Nick has with his demented father, whom he tries to keep informed about his Indian adventures via video messages. 'I want you to be proud of me', Nick confides to his camera/father. Will he succeed in his mission?

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